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Real Estate is a great field in which to work when you thrive on unpredictability.  I’ve always had the need to be busy.  Sitting at home all day never appealed to me.  While I loved my previous, and very lucrative career in healthcare consulting and sales, the constant travel, both cross country and international, was taking its’ toll.  After 9/11, it just wasn’t any fun anymore.

In early 1998, I met my husband through an introduction by a mutual friend.  We discovered on our first date, that we both had been vacationing in Western North Carolina for years.  As our relationship blossomed, we began to flesh out a common dream of owning property and eventually living in the mountains.  Our courtship was short and we married in late 1998.  In April of 2001, we bought our ‘vacation home’ in Franklin, NC.  Just 3 years later we had paid it off and moved into it full time.  Leaving our other careers behind, we were ‘living the dream’. 

But as I said, I am not one to just sit around.  I was, at that point, hiking every day in the USFS with my best friend (and best dog on the planet).  But hiking for a few hours, rain, shine or snow, still left many vacant hours.  During our time searching for our vacation home, we had gone through about 4 Realtors.  We were disappointed in all but one. That one Realtor ran circles around the others.  My husband was the one who suggested that real estate might allow me to build a second career.   He pointed out that I could use my vast experience as a Project Manager of large healthcare delivery systems and funnel that experience into real estate.  It made sense in that every real estate purchase is a small project to which I could apply my project management expertise.  The plan began to unfold….I soon obtained my NC Real Estate License and went to work.

Some people would think that getting a real estate license in July of 2007, the very month that the subprime mortgage crisis hit the headlines and the beginning of the biggest economic downturn since the great Depression of the 1930’s, would be, to say the least, really bad timing.  Well, in a way the timing is what has made me the Realtor I am today.  Between my years of healthcare consulting and sales in which two of the biggest skills I learned were patience and perseverance, I had to, as the saying goes… learn how to sell ice to Eskimos.  And, I did.  I figured out how to search for and uncover leads that eluded others.  Did I make a million dollars?  No.  But, while those first several years were lean, I learned a lot about selling in a down market. 

Since then, there have been some challenges and a lot of unpredictability but overall, these years have been rewarding and fun.  And, what better way to begin everyday than by saying……..”Wow, who do I get to meet today and help them find and live ‘the dream’”?