Evan Harrell

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Remax Elite Realty

1296 East Main St, Franklin, NC 28734

I love the excitement of making dreams come true, and every day in real estate allows me that chance. I like seeing the looks on people’s faces when I find just the right property for them—whether they’re starting their family or looking to relax and enjoy their golden years. I take great pride in helping clients buy or sell their homes as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

I’ve discovered real estate is like everything else in life—you get out what you put in. All my hard work is rewarded when my clients are happy. Here’s a little about me as a person, so you can see what a hometown guy at heart I am, and how that makes me the perfect choice for your partner in real estate.

My roots grow deep in Franklin

I was born and raised in Franklin, NC, and have lived in the area all my life. I was born at Angel Medical Center, and raised in the beautiful Cowee Valley, located in the north end of Macon County. I grew up with two brothers, and my childhood years were fast paced as we were always into something. As a kid and all through high school, I played sports whenever I wasn’t hunting in the woods or fishing the creeks.

I loved to ride anything that had a motor and went fast—danger didn’t scare me! How I spent my time all changed the year I got introduced to a racecar. I spent that winter working on it with the guys, waiting for racing season to start. When April finally rolled around, I tagged along to the first race of the year to see if all our hard work would pay off. Sadly, we didn’t win, but I’d caught racing fever anyway. The very next week I bought an old, cheap racecar and gave it every free moment I had. During those last two years of high school, I learned a lot about mechanics and welding, and it seemed I was always tearing something up. Many moms might worry about their kids doing stuff like that, but mine figured she always knew right where I was and since it kept me out of trouble she was happy.

My parents had always told me I had to go to college, no matter what I studied. Since I had to go, I decided to pursue something I enjoyed, and enrolled in a Racecar Technology program at a small school in Winston Salem. We built cars and motors from the ground up, and I learned all the tricks of the trade. I worked two jobs during college to support my racing habit, and when I graduated with high honors I got several job offers to stay and work for different NASCAR teams. However, I had already been away from the mountains way too long and headed home.

I moved back to Western North Carolina and worked for a while, deciding where to go from there. I eventually decided to build and operate a 24-hour restaurant. I owned and operated it for several years and loved my experience running it. But, as with any restaurant (especially a 24-hour one), it took up all my time. At that point, I was racing harder and harder too, and I had traveled all over the eastern United States doing what I loved to do. Between racing and the restaurant, I had no time for anything else, and I decided to change course. I sold the restaurant and my racecars all in one year.

And yes, I still miss racing—but not the restaurant!

Since the restaurant days, I’ve worked for several different companies with a wide range of careers. Before real estate, I most recently work as a production and project manger for SERVPRO Restoration. I became an expert in the restoration field and really enjoyed helping people in their time of need. That journey is what brought me to where I am now, and there’s no going back for me. Real estate has the excitement and challenge I crave, and it lets me connect and form relationships with people—all of which are what I really prize in a career.

When I sold the last racecar motor I owned, I bought an engagement ring. I’d been dating a girl for a while and had really fallen in love with her. We got married in September 2008. In January 2013, she and I had a precious baby girl, and she’s changed how I look at everything. She’s been such a blessing to my wife and me. She takes after me by being very active and full of energy, but she has this sweet side to her that must come from her mommy.